Laser Cut VR Headset
Original Concept inspired by the Google Cardboard​​​​​​​
Issues with Google Cardboard:
Multiple Parts
Tricky Assembly
Boxy Design
Objectives of My VR Design:
• One Piece 
• Ships and Packs Flat
 • Adjustable Lenses 
• Durable
• Ergonomic 
• Stylish
My job at The Construct, RIT's makerspace, has provided me with valuable laser cutters.  This allowed me to make over a dozen intricate and precise VR prototypes.  Below are some of the original 2D laser cut files and the progression to the final headset:
Made with corrugated poster board
One Piece; Ships and Packs Flat!
Adjustable Lenses

Variety of colors custom artwork!
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