m2inc e-Commerce website​​​​​​​
I designed, developed, and published a new WordPress/ WooCommerce site for m2®inc
m2®inc is a production, design, and engineering firm specializing in mechanical closures.  
m2® buckles and ladder straps provide high tensile strength and micro-adjustability for diverse industries worldwide.​​​​​​
NOTE: The New website is no longer being updated and maintained by me and has been drastically changed since the original site launch in 2021.
Website Scope:
• Provide an easy user interface to allow a diverse range of customers to find the right buckle, custom assembly, or m2® product for end users' needs.
• Showcase dominance in providing the best mechanical closures for all industries and applications and showcase new applications.
• Showcase diverse testing and evaluation of m2® mechanical closures using state-of-the-art engineering technology.
• Allow customers to contact m2® quickly and efficiently.
• Integrate and automate m2® current workflow and management.
Below is an original list of goals and achievements for both the Front and Back End.
Check out the Homepage and Navigation Below: ​​​​​​​
m2® buckles are offered in a variety of materials and sizes to meet different loads, industry regulations, and weather conditions. m2 Ladder Straps are only compatible with their corresponding buckle size; If a customer wanted to purchase a 1" buckle assembly, they must order a 1" ladder strap for the mechanical closure to function. 
For the first time, customers could assemble and buy custom assemblies of compatible m2 components; customers could choose between any buckle regardless of material and size and then choose between a limited selection of ladder straps based on their previous buckle selection, and even see the finished assembly for their desired application.
Check out the "Assemble & Buy" user interface and flow below: ​​​​​​​


Utilizing the new website and other integration software, I automated the creation of invoices, packing slips, inventory adjustments, and shipping labels, saving the company time and money!​​​​​​​
NOTE: This website is no longer being updated and maintained by me and has been drastically changed since launching in 2021.
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